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From '56 to Forever

Long Jetty once housed the Central Coast's biggest movie theatre - The Savoy. The Savoy first swung it's doors open in 1956 as the Coast's first and only CinemaScope screen. It was a post World War 2 entertainment complex. The Savoy was closed as a cinema in 1976 with mixed use since then on the ground floor with the mezzanine and projection room laying disused and dormant for 40 years. Until now. Rising out of the ashes from its glory days, The Savoy is reborn into a multi-purpose bar and restaurant venue! We will bring a variety of offerings to the community, The re-establishment of The Savoy as a hub will contribute to the ever-changing vibrant strip of Long Jetty.


A variety of craft beer on tap, an array of wines, cocktails, weekly DJ's focusing on old-school classics with a twist of today's tunes, and dance beats, a fun cocktail list, old-fashioned table service, movie nights, family days, art, community engagement, functions, events, and more. 

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Corporate Enquiries Only

All social bookings for 11+ people will not be taken at this stage due to the current COVID-19 restrictions. For all corporate function enquiries please contact us via the FUNCTIONS button above.


Behind The Bar


Working with some award winning craft breweries to bring a variety of beers on tap and some weird and wonderful things in bottles and tins. We'll keep them rotating! We have a good range of signature bottled cocktails and cocktails on tap. We also are collaborating with our Long Jetty Locals family to bring you some surprises!. Our wine list will focus on natural wines and wines low in sulfur. We have teamed up with one of Sydney's best sommelier's who has delivered a fresh wine list with things you may not find anywhere else.  Like everything we do, we will change things up and keep delivering the best drink offering to you!




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At this time we are only taking bookings for up to 10 people. Please book via the "BOOK NOW" button below.

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All social bookings for 11+ people will not be taken at this stage due to the current COVID-19 restrictions.

For all corporate function enquiries please email us at: hello@thesavoylongjetty.com.au OR fill out the form below.

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